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Year 2001 news stories from the Hawai`i Space Grant Ohana*
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-- News Archive for 2001 --

- November 30, 2001 -
in tent mockup
Sitting in a mockup of the 9'x9' Scott tent she'll be living in for 4 weeks in Antarctica, Space Grant communications and educational specialist, Linda Martel, talks to students from the Hawaii Homeschoolers Association. Martel leaves Honolulu on Dec. 10 to join nine others on this year's Antarctic Search for Meteorites team. For the first time in its 25-year history, ANSMET has the capability to communicate with the outside world using a satellite phone. Exchange email and follow along on the team's progress as they search for meteorites at: www.webexpeditions.net/ansmet/.

- October 24-26, 2001 -
Space Grant Director, Jeff Taylor, and communications and educational specialist, Linda Martel, presented a talk at the Space Resources Utilization Roundtable III held in Golden, Colorado. Experts from NASA, federal research labs, industry, universities, and private groups met to discuss the methods and technologies needed to realize the economic benefits of using space resources. These resources are essential for space settlement and Hawaii Space Grant is working on a plan of action to promote planetary prospecting on the Moon and Mars and train the planetary economic geologists of tomorrow. [Space.com article.]

- October, 2001 -
Former Space Grant Fellow, Kendall Ching, is co-winner of the Alton B. Zerby and Carl T. Koerner Outstanding Electrical Engineering Student award. This award is presented by Eta Kappa Nu, a national honor society for electrical and computer engineering. Kendall will receive the award on October 18 from the society's president at the WESCON Awards luncheon in San Jose, Calif. The award includes a certificate, a plaque and a cash grant. Kendall was selected from twelve finalists by a panel of nationally recognized electrical engineers and educators.

As an undergraduate Kendall was co-author on four publications, including two articles in the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. He received a special commendation from Gov. Ben Cayetano for his Space Grant-funded research on active-antenna arrays and novel multiplayer circuits. His Space Grant mentor at U.H. Manoa was Dr. Wayne Shiroma. Kendall has accepted a position with ON Semiconductors, a Phoenix, Ariz. company specializing in power management and broadband circuits.

ffh artwork July 16, 2001 -
Future Flight Hawaii celebrated the exploration of the Moon this summer with its "Apollo: The Next Generation" theme. This marked the eleventh year of programs dedicated to using themes of space to catalyze interest in science, technology, and the future. Eighty-three students participated in the Residential program and 96 students and adults participated in the Family program this year.
2001 Return to the Moon program activities are now available on-line courtesy of Randal Lau and Michael Shintani.

- September 2001 -
Sixteen undergraduate students from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa and Hilo campuses and Leeward Community College presented talks on their Space Grant Fellowship and Traineeship experiences during the annual Fall Fellows Symposium. Fellowship mentors and Space Grant directors also participated in the morning activities. The symposium gave new and continuing Fellows and Trainees the opportunity to share research plans and progress, and gave the students a look at space-related subjects outside their own disciplines. [See annotated listing of current Undergraduate Fellowships.]

- June 24, 2001 -
Our K-12 educational website Exploring Planets in the Classroom received the Griffith Observatory Star Award for the week of June 24-30. The awards recognize excellence in web sites that promote public awareness of astronomy by presenting useful, thorough, and accurate information in a well-organized and attractive way - making the sky more accessible.

- June 22, 2001 -
A record number of 67 students completed the weeklong Future Flight Hawaii Day Exploration Program this year. Activities included orbits and arcs/rendezvous using special compasses, 3D lunar topography artwork, studying microgravity with toys, identifying minerals, and 140 model rocket launches! Family members, friends, Future Flight directors and instructors, as well as Dr. John Whittaker, U.H. Hilo Vice Chancellor, attended the graduation ceremony that brought the exciting week to a rousing close.

- May 16, 2001 -
Congratulations to the Waipahu, Waialua, and McKinley High School Robotics Teams for bringing home victories from the 2001 FIRST robotics competition held recently in San Jose, California! With sponsorship from Hawaii Space Grant Consortium, SOEST, and other organizations and companies, the high school teams were able to compete in the Silicon Valley Regional Robotics Competition. This was part of a nationwide robotics competition organized by FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (www.usfirst.org) - which involved teams from more than 500 high schools in 44 states and several foreign countries. The competition required robots to work together to score points. The Waipahu and Waialua teams were part of an alliance with three others that won the regional competition. McKinley students brought home third place. Today at U.H., members of the Waipahu team demonstrated their robot, showed video of the competition, and presented the championship trophy to Space Grant.

- May 3, 2001 -
Annual Campuswide Symposium and Exhibit of Undergraduate Research: This showcase of undergraduate research took place on the Manoa campus from 8:30am to 2:30pm with the presentation of creative and scholarly works by undergraduates from the UH system. Students gave 15-minute oral presentations and displayed posters to share their research with other students, faculty, and the UH community.

Dr. Frank Perkins, Assistant Vice-President for Research and Graduate Education, presented awards for the best talks and posters during an Awards Luncheon in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Awards for oral presentations went to:

Alison M. Izawa, Humanities, "A Creative Writing Thesis: The Story of a Young Woman and Her Passage From One Stage to Another"

Phan N. Ngac, Biological Sciences, mentor: Dr. Keith Fong, "Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) & Lysyl Oxidase-like (LOXL) Protein and its Role in Stabilizing the Collagen and Elastin in the Extracellular Matrix (ECM)"

Georganne M. Nordstrom, Humanities, mentor: Dr. John Zuern, "Exploring the Potential"

Tembra G. Way, Biological Sciences, mentor: Dr. C. N. Lee, "The Efficiency of the Living Machine System in Remediation of Slaughterhouse Wastewater"

Awards for posters went to:

Joshua B. Hvidding, Biological Sciences, mentor: Vivek Nerurkar, "Tracing Human Migration Across the Pacific by Complete JC virus Genome Analysis"

Michele M. Kislan, Biological Sciences, mentor: Dr. John Hu, "Expression of the Coat Protein Gene from the Pineapple Mealybug Wilt-associated Virus-2"

Naomi K. Long, Humanities, Dr. Frank Stewart, "Fugitive Place: Walk Poems"

Melanie M. Mann, Social Sciences, mentor: Stephan Ousley, "Discriminant Functions using ILDs to Determine American Indian vs. non-American Indian Ancestry"

This annual campuswide symposium and exhibit of undergraduate research is sponsored by the UH Manoa Honors Program, Hawai`i Space Grant Consortium, Land Grant Program, Sea Grant Program, and Marine Option Program.

- March 22-25, 2001 -
Educators at the NSTA 2001 National Meeting were treated to "Hawaiian Style" space science demonstrations and activities thanks to the efforts of Future Flight Hawai`i directors, Art and Rene Kimura, and instructors, Ronald Takata, Dale Olive, and Randy Scoville. [See their Space Science Activities on line.]

iss logo
- February 9-10, 2001 -
Future Flight Hawai`i directors, Art and Rene Kimura, joined more than 650 educators from around the nation and Canada at the Seventh Annual International Space Station Educators Conference at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. They enjoyed first-hand access to training facilities, astronauts, and scientists from NASA headquarters. They also participated in hands-on activities including building and launching rockets, constructing space suits, assembling a space station model, and preparing astronaut food. The Future Flight Hawai`i K-12 Education Project is celebrating its 11th year of offering action-packed, space-themed educational programs to students, teachers, and families. [See Future Flight Hawai`i.]

- February 2001 -
Success stories from the Hawai`i Space Grant are being profiled about our students, discoveries, technological and educational innovations, and community outreach projects. [See Success Stories.]

- February 3, 2001 -
Undergraduate students from the University of Hawai`i system presented talks on their Space Grant Fellowship research during the annual Spring Fellows Symposium. Fellowship mentors and Space Grant directors also participated in the morning activities. The symposium gives new and continuing Fellows the opportunity to share research plans and progress, and gives the students a look at space-related issues outside their own disciplines. [See annotated listing of current Undergraduate Fellowships and Traineeships.]

NSTA selected - January 2001 -
The National Science Teachers Association has selected our hands-on activities from our K-12 educational website, Exploring Planets in the Classroom, in their new sciLINKS internet service. NSTA created sciLINKS to connect textbooks to useful online content that is chosen by teachers through a stringent set of criteria for scientific accuracy and effective pedagogy. Our activity pages have been added to the SciLINKS database where they are correlated to the National Science Education Standards. The URLs are accompanied by brief descriptions that identify one or more of the salient characteristics. When a reader (a teacher, student, or even parent) of a sciLINKed textbook comes across a sciLINKS icon in their textbook, they know that the content on that page has been enhanced with online content specifically connected to a single concept.

* Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, encompassing all the people, related or not, who come together to help achieve a better life.

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