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Year 2011 news from the Hawai'i Space Grant Ohana*
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-- News Archive for 2011 --

- December, 2011 -
Screen capture of page 8, the first page of the HECO newsletter article, Global Networks through STEM. Space Grant's Art and Rene Kimura are featured in the Hawaii Electric Company's Powerlines newsletter–Fall/Winter Special Edition 2011. Look on pages 8–10 for the article, "Global Networks through STEM," which concludes with, "Hawaii Electric joins in congratulating Art and Rene Kimura–who today are educators with the Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium–on their well deserved honors and for their dedication to inspire students to become our future science-and-technology heroes!" Read the pdf version of Powerlines.

- December 1-3, 2011 -
The 4th annual Pan Pacific VEX Robotics Championships, held at the Hawai'i Convention Center, attracted 104 teams from Hawai'i, California, China, and Taiwan, with the aid of 250 volunteers. More news about this tournament can be found online, courtesy of robotevents.com. Rick Figel of the Career Changers cable TV show produced a fine video of the event's action and inspiration. Congratulations to all the teams for a job well done.

- November, 2011 -
Space Grant Mentor, Norbert Schorghofer of the U.H. Institute for Astronomy and student, Christina King, Hawai‘i Space Grant Undergraduate Fellow (Spring and Fall 2009), have published a paper that includes work Christina accomplished during her Fellowship. Their paper, "Sporadic Formation of Slope Streaks on Mars" appears in the November 2011 issue (vol. 216) of Icarus [online abstract]. In March of this year (see full news entry below) Christina won an Honorable Mention for the 2010 Dwornik Award for Undergraduate Oral Presentations at the 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Congratulations!

- October 29, 2011 -
Photo from Veach Day
Hawai‘i Space Grant was again a proud cosponsor of the Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery held to honor this astronaut and explorer who considered Honolulu his home. Initiated in 2002 by Art and Rene Kimura (directors of Space Grant's Future Flight Hawai'i), this day-long event for students in grades 4-12 showcased wonderful, hands-on activities in a variety of workshops, including robotics, rocketry, ocean science, and space exploration. Keynote speakers who energized the crowd this year were Nainoa Thompson (Polynesian Voyaging Society) and Zero G flight teachers Julia Segawa and Craig Segawa (Stevenson Middle School). The day ended with a rousing Science Fun Show by Chemistry wizards Dale Olive (Waiakea High School, Hilo) and Roger Kwok (Space Grant Associate Director, Leeward Community College). This event was cosponsored and supported by Hawaiian Electric Company, Punahou School, and Hawaii Space Grant Consortium, the family of Lacy Veach (Diana and Abe Barcena), the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education, and the Chatlos Foundation; in cooperation with the Hawai'i Science Teachers Association, the Polynesian Voyaging Society, and the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center. In addition to the 19 workshops offered this year, 16 organizations sponsored displays and exhibits. Over two hundred volunteers made the day happen, and enrollment for the 600 available seats filled in just four days. The State of Hawai'i Senate presented formal certificates of recognition for this 10th anniversary year. Pictured left to right are Linda Martel and Marcia Rei Sistoso (Hawaii Space Grant), Jim Scott (President of Punahou School), and Darcy Endo-Omoto (Hawaiian Electric Company Vice President, Government and Community Affairs). Here is a news article about Veach Day from Punahou School. And we invite you to visit the Veach Day web site for more information about this event.

- October 21 & 22, 2011 -
Space Grant and Future Flight Hawaii participated in the 2011 SOEST Open House at the Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa. Art and Rene Kimura are pictured with elementary students who are racing brushbots and learning about robotics. Robotics were a great hit at the 2011 SOEST Open House at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Rene and Art Kimura, in red shirts, had thousands of visitors during the two-day event to their interactive table-top robotics center. The Space Grant office was open to the public and gave NASA educational materials to teachers. Total Open House attendance was estimated at 6,600.

- October 19, 2011 -
Hawaii Space Grant participated in the 2011 STEM Opportunity Expo held at Kapiolani Community College. Hawaii Space Grant participated in the 2011 STEM Opportunity Expo held at Kapiolani Community College.
The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program (STEM at KCC) in collaboration with the Board of Student Activities at Kapi‘olani Community College hosted the STEM Opportunity Expo on Wednesday. The event promoted career, degree, service, and internship opportunities available for students interested in STEM fields. Twenty-seven companies and organizations, including Hawai‘i Space Grant, participated in the event, with Linda Martel (pictured with student) and Lauren Kamei working the information table.

- September 19, 2011 -

Rene Kimura is Recipient of the WIA 2011 Aerospace Educator Award

Rene Kimura with WIA 2011 Aerospace Educator AwardRene Kimura, standing center and left in the two photos, is shown with Art Kimura and Astronaut Barbara Morgan during island visits in 1992 and 2008. Rene is the recipient of the WIA 2011 Aerospace Educator Award.
From the left: Rene Kimura holding her WIA 2011 Aerospace Educator Award plaque; center and right: Rene Kimura standing with Art Kimura and Astronaut Barbara Morgan during island visits in 1992 and 2008. (Click photo to read WIA press release.)
Women in Aerospace (WIA) has honored Rene Kimura, Hawai‘i Space Grant Education Specialist, with the 2011 Aerospace Educator Award. Among her many accomplishments, Rene is co-director of the Future Flight Hawaii program, now in its 22nd year, and the SpaceFEST outreach programs, and has been instrumental in building robotics educations programs statewide. Nominated by Astronaut Morgan and NASA administrator Alan Ladwig, the WIA announcement cites Rene's excellent leadership and sustained dedication to aerospace education and her tenacious advocacy for girls and young women in aerospace. WIA will be honoring Rene and the six other award winners at the 26th annual awards dinner and reception on November 1, 2011 in Arlington, Virginia. Women in Aerospace (WIA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding women's opportunities for leadership and to increasing their visibility within the aerospace community. See the Hawai‘i Tribune-Herald article. Congratulations!

- September 17, 2011 -

The third annual Big Island BrushBot and Letry Robotics tournament was held on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo, Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i Space Grant helps support this event. See the Hawai‘i Tribune-Herald article.

- September 9, 2011 -
Hawaii Space Grant will be participating at 2011 Hawaii Children & Youth Day. Brush Robotics was a featured event at the 18th annual Hawai‘i Children and Youth Day on October 2, 2011 at the State Capitol in Honolulu. The robotics demonstrations and competition were sponsored by Hawai‘i Space Grant and Kalani High Robotics. Click on the image to see the two-page flyer with more information, or see this insert in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

- July 19, 2011 -
NLSI Shoemaker Medal held by the 2011 recipient, Jeff Taylor. Photo courtesy of Dr. Samuel Lawrence, ASU. The NASA Lunar Science Institute has honored Jeff Taylor with the 2011 Shoemaker Distinguished Lunar Scientist Award in recognition of his significant scientific contributions and leadership roles. Jeff received the medal July 19th at the NASA Ames Research Center during the 4th annual Lunar Science Forum. Jeff is the former Director of Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium and now serves as Associate Director for Space Science. Congratulations!

- July 5, 2011 -
BrushBots at a Hawaii Space Grant FEST (Families Exploring Science Together) event at the Imiloa Astronomy Center in May, 2011. Photo credit: Hawaii Space Grant Consortium. The Thirty Meter Telescope Project's recent story about Hawai‘i robotics acknowledges Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium. Read "Aloha, Mr. Roboto: TMT Powers Up Hawaiian Student Robotics Teams". This photo shows students with their brushbots at a Hawai‘i Space Grant FEST (Families Exploring Science Together) event at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center in May, 2011.

- June, 2011 -
Samantha Jacob Samantha Jacob, former Hawai'i Space Grant Undergraduate Fellow (Fall 2010, Spring 2011 with mentor Dr. Sarah Fagents) was selected as a 2011 Summer Intern in the Lunar and Planetary Institute Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science. The 10-week program in Houston, Texas includes working with a scientist at the LPI or at the NASA Johnson Space Center on a research project of current interest in lunar and planetary science. Samantha's project was titled, "Tracking the Process of Volatile Release from the Lunar Highland Breccia Meteorite NWA 2996 using Vesicle Size Distributions" with advisors Drs. C. M. Mercer and A. Treiman.

- June 12, 2009 -

Summertime is Future Flight Hawai‘i time and it was in full swing the weekend of June 11-12 at the Manoa campus of the University of Hawai‘i. Participants at this year's Family Exploration Program "Next Stop: Mars" enjoyed the science modules and activities.

- April 30, 2011 -
Spring Symposium for Fellows and Trainees at UH Manoa campus
Symposium Schedule

- April 16, 2011 -
NASA's USLI 2011 competition logo. Click to see compeition brochure. Windward Community College's USLI (University Student Launch Initiative) Team passed their Full-Scale Low Power test and their Flight Readiness Review last month and are on the way to Huntsville, AL for the 2011 competition. For more from the WCC team, see their WCC-USLI website, which also includes links to videos of rocket launch and retrieval. Also visit the USLI site at NASA or see the USLI 2011 competition brochure.

- April 14, 2011 -
HSGC students honored as UH Manoa student employee team of the year for 2011.
We are beaming with pride over our Hawai‘i Space Grant student employees for being honored as the Student Employee Team of the Year, an annual award now in its 26th year at UH Manoa. Congratulations Lauren Kamei, Amber Imai, Bianca Soriano, Joana Choy (pictured above, l to r). The honor was granted by Myrtle Ching-Rappa, Director of UH Manoa Career Development and Student Employment and by Dr. Francisco Hernandez, UH Manoa Vice Chancellor for Students. As Hawai‘i Space Grant Executive Director Marcia Rei Sistoso noted, "Our 'Stars' Team is a factor of why we maintain maximum efficiency because they understand the seriousness of work while fostering a convivial work environment. We could not have asked for a better student team to work together in harmony to show what teamwork is all about. Their contribution at the workplace is endless." Read more at the UH Student Emoloyee of the Year Awards website and at Noodls info. aggregator.

- March 7, 2011 -

In an announcement made today at the 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in The Woodlands, Texas, Christina King, Hawai‘i Space Grant Undergraduate Fellow (Spring and Fall 2009), was named as Honorable Mention for the 2010 Dwornik Award for Undergraduate Oral Presentations. She presented one of 13 talks at the 41st LPSC in the session designated "Mars: Timing of Recent and Older Geologic Processes." Christina's presentation, titled "Martian Slope Streaks Form Sporadically Throughout the Year," was based on the Fellowship research she did with her mentor Dr. Norbert Schorghofer of the Institute for Astronomy. Originally an Art major, Christina moved to the U.H. Department of Physics and Astronomy. Christina received travel money from Hawai‘i Space Grant to present at the conference, which has gained the reputation of being the premiere gathering place for planetary scientists from around the world. Read Christina's abstract here. Congratulations!

- February 24, 2011 -
Download the Newsletter Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium released its most recent newsletter. Nā Huaka‘i translates to The Voyages. Read it here. Copies are also available in the Space Grant offices.

- February 22, 2011 -
A new paper has been published:
Bruno, B. C., Wiener, C., Kimura, A., and Kimura, R. (2011) Ocean FEST: Families Exploring Science Together, Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 59, p.13-21, doi: 10.5408/1.3543933. [ see Article abstract ]

Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium's Art Kimura and Rene Kimura are co-authors with Dr. Barbara Bruno (Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education) and Carlie Wiener (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Research and Outreach, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology).

Ocean FEST (Families Exploring Science Together), funded by the National Science Foundation, is a joint project of the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education and the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology. Go to the Ocean FEST website. The ocean-themed family science nights are modeled after Space Grant's space FEST program created by the Kimuras. See a flyer for Space Explorers BrushBot FEST.

- February 16, 2011 -
Art Kimura Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium's Art Kimura shines in this week's Good Neighbor column in Midweek magazine. Read more about it in Sarah Pacheco's Midweek column!

- January 2011 -
HSFL cover story in Malamalama, the magazine of the University of Hawaii. The magazine of the University of Hawai‘i, Mālamalama "The light of knowledge," published a special issue in January 2011 focusing on innovation, science, and research in conjunction with E Kamakani Noi‘i "Wind that seeks knowledge," a symposium organized by U. H. and the U. S. National Academy of Sciences. The Mālamalama cover story, "Sky Isn't the Limit for UH Spaceflight Lab,"  [pdf]  written by Cheryl Ernst highlights the Hawai‘i Space Flight Laboratory and the involvement of students in all aspects of small satellite and payload research, development, launch, tracking, and data collection. Pictured is Zachary Lee-Ho, Hawai‘i Space Grant Master's Apprentice, testing the attitude control system.

- January 29, 2011 -
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium's Linda Martel met with a group of 16 science teachers from the Hawaii Teach for America organization during one of their quarterly, professional development workshops. After a short briefing of Space Grant programs, she followed with a hands-on classroom activity modeling impact cratering in the Solar System. According to Program Director, Todd Wilson, who invited Space Grant to participate in the Saturday workshop, Teach for America currently works on Oahu and the Big Island.

- January 22, 2011 -
Onizuka Day drawing Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium is proud to again cosponsor Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Science Day, an annual event in Hilo honoring Hawaii's native son. The event's other cosponsors are the American Savings Bank, The Onizuka Memorial Committee, the Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Space Center, the Onizuka family, the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Conference Center, and Future Flight Hawai‘i, together with the support of the Hawai‘i State Teachers Association, the Hilo High School Science Club, and the Zonta club of Hilo. This year's event, the 11th annual, features 22 workshops, 13 displays, a special keynote address by NASA Astronaut Daniel Tani, and a closing Science is Fun show by award-winning teacher, "Mr. Science" Dale Olive (Waiakea High School). Here is a news clip from Hawaii 24/7 "A Day of Science and Space in Hilo." Two articles with photos are from the Hawaii Tribune Herald "Onizuka Science Day Saturday at UHH" and "A Day of Science and Fun," and an article from the Honolulu StarAdvertiser "Experiences of Onizuka Endure to Inspire Family and Community."

- January 17, 2011 -
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium is pleased to provide this 2011 listing of internship opportunities available to all qualified full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Hawai‘i system. Applications for internships are accepted continuously by the Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium until positions are filled. Go to our Internship webpage for complete information.

* Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, encompassing all the people, related or not, who come together to help achieve a better life.

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