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Year 2012 news from the Hawai'i Space Grant Ohana*
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-- News Archive for 2012 --

- December 17, 2012 -
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium wishes to express a heartfelt aloha and mahalo to Senator Dan Inouye. His office issued a "Statement on the Passing of Senator Daniel K. Inouye" today, which we hope you will read. In part it says, "The story of Dan Inouye is the story of modern Hawaii. During his eight decades of public service, Dan Inouye helped build and shape Hawaii." Please also read the "Tribute to Senator Dan Inouye" delivered by Jennifer Sabas, Chief of Staff to Senator Inouye, at his memorial service at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific on December 23, 2012. As Ms. Sabas says, "So, let us pick up the baton that he left at our feet, and carry it forward in his name, and for our beloved Hawaii."

- November 29, 2012 -
. Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium is pleased to congratulate Francis Takahashi of Kaua‘i Community College for receiving a 2012 Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Takahashi developed the electronics technology program at KCC in 1985 and has worked tirelessly to mentor and support students. Space Grant's Executive Director, Marcia Rei Sistoso, commented, "We really appreciate your time and for promoting our Space Grant programs and opportunities for students on Kaua‘i. No doubt, your dedication is one of the many reasons you are amongst the most deserved for a Regent's honor." Visit the UH News for more details on the award. Congratulations!

- November 17, 2012 -
Fall Fellowship & Traineeship Symposium
Undergraduate students from U. H. campuses presented talks and posters on their Space Grant Fellowships and Traineeships on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Windward Community College. Presentations were given in the beautiful Hokulani Imaginarium, newly reopened after summer renovations increased the seating capacity of the planetarium. Also attending the symposium were mentors, Space Grant directors, and the public. The meeting gave new and continuing Fellows and Trainees the opportunity to share research plans and progress, and gave the students a look at space-related subjects outside their own disciplines. Here are the symposium's schedule and a map with directions to WCC.

- November 3-4, 2012 -
Hawai‘i Space Grant is proud of the Waiakea High School (Hilo, Hawai‘i) students, teachers, and mentors of the Robotics Club who competed in the 21st annual International Micro Robot Maze Contest in Nagoya, Japan. This was the sixth year that students from Waiakea have participated and they came home with honors. Photos and videos are available on the Waiakea High Robotics facebook page and more information on the contest can be found at the Competition website. Congratulations all!

- October 27, 2012 -
Hawai‘i Space Grant was again a proud cosponsor of the Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery held to honor this astronaut and explorer who considered Honolulu his home.Lacy Veach Initiated in 2002 by Art and Rene Kimura, directors of Future Flight Hawai‘i, this day-long event for students in grades 4-12 showcased wonderful, hands-on activities in 18 workshops, including robotics, rocketry, ocean science, medicine, and engineering. Keynote speakers who energized the crowd this year were Ms. Kai‘u Kimura (Executive Director of the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hilo) and Mr. Ian Kitajima (Senior Executive, Oceanit). The day ended with a rousing Science Fun Show by Chemistry wizards Dale Olive (Waiakea High School, Hilo) and Roger Kwok (Space Grant Associate Director, Leeward Community College). This event was cosponsored and supported by Hawaiian Electric Company, Punahou School, and Hawaii Space Grant Consortium, the family of Lacy Veach (Diana and Abe Barcena), and the Chatlos Foundation. In addition to the workshops offered this year, 16 organizations sponsored displays and exhibits. Over two hundred volunteers made the day happen, and enrollment for the 600 available seats filled quickly.

- October 24, 2012 -
Art Kimura talks about Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery on Bytemarks Cafe at Hawaii Public Radio. On the air every Wednesday from 5-6 pm, Bytemarks Cafe, hosted by Burt Lum and Ryan Kawailani Ozawa, is a radio magazine showcasing the innovation and creativity in Hawaii's tech community. At the invitation of co-host Burt Lum, HSFL's Art Kimura will be talking about the day-long science day for students that he and Rene Kimura founded 11 years ago to honor the life and legacy of Charles Lacy Veach.

- September 28, 2012 -
Link to Sagan Planet Walk passport.
The Sagan Planet Walk expands from Ithaca, New York to Hilo, Hawai‘i
The Sagan Planet Walk is a model of our Solar System built at a 1 to 5 billion scale, originally dedicated in 1997. Starting with the Sun on the Commons in downtown Ithaca, New York, this walking tour leads to the Sciencenter, a hands-on museum with over 250 exhibits. Both the size of the planets and the distance between them are accurately scaled and displayed. It is the largest exhibition in the world now that it expands from Ithaca to Hilo to include the star nearest to the Sun, Alpha Centauri. This new star station representing Alpha Centauri (Kamailehope, pronounced kah-my-lei-ho-pey) is located on the Big Island at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of the University of Hawai‘i. It is a prominent star known in Polynesian Astronomy and used in oceanic voyaging. The newly expanded Sagan Planet Walk measures 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers). The Walk is named in honor and memory of Cornell University astronomer, Carl Sagan, a respected space scientist, an inspired and tireless advocate for science, a valued advisor to the Ithaca Sciencenter, and member of the Ithaca community for nearly 30 years. The Alpha Centauri (Kamailehope) sculpture by Hawaiian artist Rocky Jensen has been a two year project, a partnership of the Sciencenter, ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Cornell University, University of Hawai‘i, and NASA. Lead funding was provided by the New York Space Grant Consortium (based at Cornell) and Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium (based at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa), with additional major funding provided by ‘Imiloa and the Sciencenter. Read more about the unveiling of the sculpture and the artist from the ‘Imiloa blog. Find out more about the Sagan Planet Walk from the Sciencenter, including a free downloadable audio tour and Passport to the Solar System booklet. HSGC's Art Kimura, Rene Kimura, and Linda Martel attended the unveiling of the Kamailehope sculpture. Martel obtained ‘Imiloa stamps in a Passport to the Solar System booklet, making her the first Hawai‘i resident to visit every station in the exhibit. Martel walked the Sagan Planet Walk in Ithaca in October, 2008 with Jeff Taylor (Space Grant Assoc. Director for Space Sciences) and his family when Taylor was the recipient of the 2008 Carl Sagan Medal for Excellence in Public Communication in Planetary Science awarded by the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society at their 40th annual meeting, which was held at Cornell University. Pictured below, left to right: Charles Trautmann (Executive Director of the Sciencenter), Linda Martel (holding a Passport to the Solar System booklet), Rene Kimura, and Art Kimura standing in front of Kamailehope star station. See more photos (pdf) courtesy of Art Kimura.
Kamailehope star station/Sagan Planet Walk unveiling at Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hilo, Hawaii, September 28, 2012.

- September, 2012 -
Link to NEON educational website. Welcome back to school. NASA is making it easier for educators to communicate about STEM education. The NASA Educators Online Network (NEON) is NASA's professional learning community open to K-12 teachers, STEM teachers, future teachers, and all others who want to support STEM education.

- August, 2012 -
Ritsumeikan visit to Hawaii, July-Aug. 2012
HSGC's Art Kimura reports on the August two-week exchange visit to Hawai‘i by a group of science students and teachers from Ritsumeikan High School in Kyoto, Japan. The Waiakea High School Robotics Club ohana hosted the group. Coming up in November, six Waiakea High School students and a teacher will participate in the Super Science Fair hosted at Ritsumeikan High School. The trip will mark Waiakea's fifth year attending the Super Science Fair. Read more about it in the August 23 article in the Hawai‘i Tribune Herald.

- July 25, 2012 -
NASA Ames Aeronautics Academy summer intern, Daniel Wukelic, with Senator Daniel Inouye. With support from Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium, U.H. Manoa Engineering student Daniel Wukelic worked as a NASA Ames Aeronautics Academy summer intern in Mountain View, California. His internship included a trip with his team members to Washington DC to present their project at NASA Headquarters, "Designing Two Short-Haul Civil Tiltrotors." The audience included Dr. Jaiwon Shin, the Associate Administrator for the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. Even NASA Administrator Charles Bolden dropped in for some presentations. Daniel reports that his time in the nation's capitol also included memorable visits with Senator Dan Inouye (see photo) and with Teal Takayama, the assistant to Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa.
UPDATE: Read the April 2013 news about Daniel's NASA Aeronautics award.

- June 12, 2012 -
Link to educational website. A new planetary science curriculum is now available online. The Tour Through the Solar System website was created by our colleagues Jeffrey Gillis-Davis and Sarah Sherman (Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology) and Joe Ciotti (HSGC and Windward Community College) for high-school level instruction. They say, "our aim in developing this curriculum was to inspire and engage students by combining Problem-Based Learning as our primary instructional strategy with stimulating NASA data sets." The curriculum was developed for a six-week summer session of Upward Bound and contains lesson plans, hands-on experiments, and teacher tutorials. You can find it here.

- June 11, 2012 -
Congratulations to Stevenson Middle School science teacher, Julia Segawa, who was named today by President Obama as the recipient of the 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching from Hawai‘i. She and the 96 other state winners will be honored at an awards ceremony in Washington, DC later this month. Segawa has been a Future Flight Hawai‘i instructor and keynote speaker, with her husband and fellow teacher Craig Segawa, at Lacy Veach Day of Discovery sharing their zero-gravity flight experiences with the Northrop Grumman Foundation's Weightless Flights of Discovery program. Future Flight instructors Arlene Yoshimura (1991) and Sylvia Kaizuka (1992) are previous recipients of this prestigious award. "America's success in the 21st century depends on our ability to educate our children, give our workers the skills they need, and embrace technological change. That starts with the men and women in front of our classrooms. These teachers are the best of the best, and they stand as excellent examples of the kind of leadership we need in order to train the next generation of innovators and help this country get ahead," said President Obama in today's news release from the White House. For more information see the Awards website.

- June 9-10, 2012 -
Future Flight Hawaii mission control team.
The brain trust, the talent, the instructors of Future Flight Hawai‘i! A deep mahalo to the talented and creative people who brought the FFH Family Exploration Program to life this year, with the theme "Apollo: The Next Generation, Return to the Moon." Celebrating 22 years of exploration, the Future Flight Hawai‘i programs have drawn over 9,000 student and parent participants with captivating space-themed, hands-on activities. Photos by Randal Lau.
Future Flight Hawaii participants.

- June 5-6, 2012 -
Multiple exposure image showing the path of the Venus transit across the Sun, in extreme UV light. Image from NASA, Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite. On a balmy afternoon in Hawaii, as a good portion of the world saw Venus appear in front of the Sun, we had excellent viewing for the entire six-hour transit. On the left is a multiple exposure image showing the path of the Venus transit across the Sun, in extreme UV light. This image is from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite (click the image for more information). Hawai‘i Space Grant personnel were involved in different Transit of Venus activities in the state. Photos shown below, from the June 5 activities at UH Manoa, courtesy of HSGC Program Coordinator Marcia Rei Sistoso.
  • HSGC Associate Director Joe Ciotti (Windward Community College) mentored Nathan Hiraoka and Sam Plunkett, two students and astronomy interns at the WCC Center for Aerospace Education, in a time-lapse photographic study of the transit.
  • Jeff Taylor (HSGC Associate Director for Space Science) and Linda Martel (HSGC communications) helped the Dean of the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) host a viewing party on the UH Manoa campus. From noon to 1 p.m. folks gathered to see the start and early stages of the transit and enjoyed the special solar viewers. They also watched a video about the geology of Venus prepared by Taylor and Martel and a live feed of the telescope-view of the transit from Mauna Kea by NASA Edge shown on the SOEST high-definition video wall.
  • HSGC Associate Director Joe Wilcox (Hawai‘i Community College) was on the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa with visiting astronomers from Oregon and Belgium.

Watching the transit of Venus at UH Manoa. June 5, 2012.

- May 11, 2012 -
Download the Newsletter Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium released its most recent newsletter. Nā Huaka‘i translates to The Voyages and reflects our united voyages in education, research, and service. Read it here. Copies are also available in the Space Grant offices.

- May 2, 2012 -
The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa has announced Dr. Aaron Ohta, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, is a 2012 award recipient of the Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research. As an undergraduate, Dr. Ohta was a Hawai‘i Space Grant Trainee (Spring 2001) and Fellow (Fall 2002, Spring 2002). When he joined the UH faculty, Dr. Ohta became a Space Grant mentor. Dr. Ohta specializes in microelectromechanical systems. In addition to his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UH Mānoa, he earned an M.S. from UCLA and his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. Congratulations.

- April 28, 2012 -
Spring Fellowship & Traineeship Symposium
Undergraduate students from U. H. campuses will present talks and posters on their Space Grant Fellowships and Traineeships on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at U. H. Mānoa, in POST 703/723. Rooms will open at 8:30 a.m. with the formal program from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Also attending will be mentors, Space Grant directors, and the public. The meeting gives new and continuing Fellows and Trainees the opportunity to share research plans and progress, and will give the students a look at space-related subjects outside their own disciplines. Spring 2012 Symposium Schedule (pdf).

- April 19-21, 2012 -
2012 VEX Robotics World Championships
Congratulations to all the Hawai‘i VEX Robotics teams who participated in the World Championships in Anaheim, CA. And a special congratulations to Art and Rene Kimura who received the World Volunteer of the Year Award (one of three presented) and were inducted into the first class of the STEM Hall of Fame, announced by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation. Students from Kohala High School Robotics (pictured above with the Kimuras) made the presentation during the opening ceremony in Anaheim. Read the presentation to Art and Rene made by Kohala High Robotics teammates here. According to Art and Rene, "We plan to bring this trophy to the office as we accepted this honor on behalf of everyone who volunteers to help make Hawai‘i a golden spot for VEX robotics." Read more at STEM Hall of Fame from the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation. Photos courtesy of Art Kimura.
2012 Robotics STEM Hall of Fame, Volunteer of the Year award to Art and Rene Kimura. Click for enlargement.

- January 28, 2012 -
2012 Onizuka Day workshop incorporating the Hawaiian star compass with wayfinding and canoe navigation
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium was proud to again cosponsor Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Science Day, an annual event in Hilo honoring Hawaii's native son. Additional cosponsors are the American Savings Bank, The Onizuka Memorial Committee, the Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Space Center, the Onizuka family, the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Conference Center, and Future Flight Hawai‘i, together with the support of the Hawai‘i State Teachers Association, the Waiakea High School Key Club, and the Zonta Club of Hilo. This year's event, the 12th annual, featured 22 workshops, 27 displays by organizations and companies, and a special keynote address by NASA Astronaut Michael Fincke who shared a beautiful presentation of the history and future of amnned space flight. The day ended on a high note with a "Science is Fun" show by award-winning teacher "Mr. Science" Dale Olive (Waiakea High School). Pictured above are participants in a workshop that incorporated the Hawaiian star compass with wayfinding and canoe navigation (see canoe model in center of circle).

- January 30, 2012 -
HSGC's Art Kimura and Alan Nakagawa, STEM Resource Teacher at Hawai‘i State Department of Education, are working on a database of informal STEM education programs available on the Big Island. This spreadsheet, in development, is available here. Questions and comments may be directed to Art Kimura.

- January 27, 2012 -
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium has complied information on space-related student opportunities, with content updated as new opportunities arise. Go to our Opportunities for Students webpage for complete information.

* Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, encompassing all the people, related or not, who come together to help achieve a better life.

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